Friday, September 28, 2007


Just a little housekeeping for today. Contrary to some poodle based rumors, I will be taking part in THE BIG FELINE-AMERICAN DEBATE this weekend. As soon as I have the final details you will be the first to know.


By now I am sure I am sure you have heard some of the nasty rumors circulated by the alleged organization that calls itself "Dogs for Doc". Rumsfeld says he has photos of me sleeping my campaign away, but I have news for that annoying little poodle, I have the dirt, literally on him. You should see the photos I have of the way he trashes our Human-American home. It is sickening. Face it, can you trust the word of anyone who eats cat-turds for a hobby? Talk about shit-face, Rumsfeld personifies it.


This wrangling back and forth is not dignified and we all know I am extremely dignified. So I will return to the story at hand. In the photo you will see that I am busy working on the blog the Human-American claims for her own. She calls it The Pink Flamingo. But - in this X-clusive photo, you can tell that I, Doc Holiday, Purrfect for America, do most of the actual work.

How do you like that cute contraption above my computer? The Human Grandmother-American purchased it for my Human-American parent as a gift. It is an 18th Century candle or herb dryer. We Feline-Americans have adapted it for a more practical use and it is now the purrfect Feline-American amusement center.

Until later;
Doc Holiday
Purrfect for America!


The Crew said...

Doc, I'm happy to hear you'll be participating in the debate. May the best cat win.

An herb dryer, eh? That certainly looks like a cat toy to me!


Skeezy said...

Deer Dokter Holliday:

Heer are the Deebate qweschuns:
# What would you do to ensure the safety of our food supply?
# Should there be alternative temperature-taking methods instead of up your booty?
# Whut's yer pozishun on the vishus deer menniss, and whut do yoo plan to do abowt it?

Heer's how it werks:
Send short ansers to me (to skeezix AT skeezixthecat DOT com) -- just the ferst paragraff (250 werds or less) of eech of yer ansers to the qweschuns by 9pm PDT Friday (9/28).

I'll post theeze with links to "more..." that go direktly to yer blog. This will jenerate traffik to yer blog and provide reeders with the ability to find owt more abowt yoo via yer blog.

I will post yer short-verzhun ansers on my blog by 12:00am Saterday.

* Evrycat can comment thruowt the deebate peeriud.
* Reebuttuls to be held next weekend (Oct 6/7).
* Feeld qweschuns frum the blogging commyunity after that.
* Voting after that.

Eech of yoo pik a number between 1 and 1000 and send it to me with yer short-verzhun ansers. The one hooze closest to the number I pik will be at the top of the order for the 1st qweschun. Secund closest will be ferst for the secund qweschun, etc. Order will rotate thruowt the deebate peeriud so that for exampul, for the rebuttals, Cat 2 will be up ferst, for feelding the qweschuns, Cat 3 will be up ferst, and Cat 4 will listing in voting ferst.

So whut I need yoo to send my by 9pm tonite is yer short-verszhun ansers to the 3 qweschuns and a number between 1 and 1000 to deetermine order.