Monday, September 03, 2007


"...The wealthy pooch - possibly the richest K-9 in the world - has been sentenced to eternity next to her often feared owner. Helmsley ordered in her will that her beloved eight-year-old Maltese terrier Trouble be buried with her when she passes. However, according to New York state law, animals cannot be placed in human cemeteries. Helmsley stated in her will, "I direct that when my dog, Trouble, dies, her remains shall be buried next to my remains in the Helmsley mausoleum." While the 'queen of mean' is now gone, her dog is causing just as much controversy. The terrier has been outed as quite the little bitch by employees who have been caring for her. According to Helmsley's housecleaner, the pampered pooch, now worth $12 million, ate steamed vegetables cooked by a chef and was never referred to as a dog. Instead, staff were ordered to call her 'princess.'"

Believe it or not Rumsfeld and I do agree on a few things. Take the story of poor Trouble Helmsley. Don't you feel sorry for her? She may be the richest doggie in the world, but her mommy is not there to protect her. It is every cat and dog's worst nightmare. What will happen to us if something happens to our parents?

Just think how parrots must feel. They can live for many many years. How sad.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be rich like Trouble. She can afford to buy happiness. People like me can't. What would happen to me if something happened to my mommy? Granted I am so wonderful I am sure my cousin Charlotte will just love having me, but what about Bat Masterson, Mommy Cat, and Little Joe? And what about Rumsfeld. He's so bad no one will want him except his Aunt Alicia. And then he will have a drastic change in lifestyle.

I think this is a problem that haunts us all. Maybe we need to remind our parents or staff to make sure they have something written down to insure for our continued lifestyle and adoration. This will probably be the subject of our next position paper.

Have a happy Labor Day. Make sure your staff is working to make your life comfortable and happy. I wish you a good day with plenty of treats and C-Nip. Remember, just don't C-Nip and drive!

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