Saturday, September 01, 2007



This afternoon, while browsing everyone's favorite cat site (Cat Blogsphere) I saw an ad for Naturally I needed to check it out. Wow! What excitement. Did you see all the C-Nip? Let's face facts here. The Cat Blogsphere is one of the, if not THE most respect feline community on the web. If C-Nip is advertised there, do we assume it is not an addictive substance?

I have a question for all of my loyal supporters:

Do we, as a community, have a problem with the abuse of C-Nip?

Is C-Nip an addictive substance?

Is this a question we need to discuss as a community?

Is the over-use of C-Nip a problem for all of us, or just some?

As an occasional user of C-Nip, I find I can take it or leave it. I'd rather take it, to be honest, but it is not the most important thing in my life. The best part about fresh C-Nip is watching the dummy Rumsfeld make a little fool of himself rolling around in it. He then starts eating the stuff. Then, the younger cats go and jump on him and roll around the floor with him.

Now, is this a personality conflict with with Rumsfeld and I or is it a C-Nip based problem? Is C-Nip responsible for the break-up of our purrfect families or am I just over-reacting? Is it possible C-Nip, and the infrequent overindulgence of, makes a purrfectly normal feline a little paranoid?

Should C-Nip be a plank in my campaign platform? If so, how do you suggest I handle it?

The bottom line, if you think you need a hit of C-Nip you have an addiction problem. If so, there is a blog, Catnip Anonymous, that maybe you should visit it and check out the issues. Do you have issues? I think I am okay. My mommy (the person who saved my life when I was only 8 days old) has left C-Nip out on the floor for us for three days. We are ignoring it. I think that's a very good sign. I don't think I'm a "Niphead".

Are you a "Niphead"?

Learn the stages of addiction.

If you are an addict - please get help.

If you need help and don't know where to go, leave a comment here and I will make sure you find the correct resources.

If we do not handle C-Net abuse now, hot-heads will think it should be outlawed. Remember, if C-Nip is outlawed, only outlaws will have C-Nip.

Doc Holiday


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

KC said...
Brilliant, simply brilliant, Doc.
Of course, i's not like catnip, not like mine sisfur Missy Blue Eyes. i don't gets catnip, but maybe that's best.
Howefur, if it is outlawed, u's can be sure only tha outlaws will haf it. 'n tha prices for black market catnip will be huge. How will an occashulnal user like mine sisfur Missy Blue Eyes afford a small hit of nip on a Sunday affernoon.
Purrs, KC

The Crew said...

Yes, sadly I must admit to being a 'Niphead. But I think that joining Catnip Anonymous has been of tremendous help to me.