Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today I am pleased to report that work is progressing on our Doc Holiday Purrfect for America Campaign Headquarters! As you can see, I am busy booking appearences using the trusty Filofax and cross listing them on the Mac so I won't miss a moment of this busy season. If you pay close attention, I am supervising the instillation of the new HP wireless printer. It will make things much easier for my Human-American staff.

Later today I will be attending a Feline-American rally to promote the problems the condo-Feline-Americans have during the winter months. I don't know if Skunk-Americans will be attending but we are planning a rally for them in the near future.

I am also going to begin accepting campaign donations, or rather, instead of donations to my Purrfect for America campaign, please consider feeding the homeless Feline-Americans in your neighborhood.

Until later...gotta run...yawn..actually

IT'S NAP TIME (yawn)


Doc Holiday
Purrfect for America

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The Crew said...

Doc, if you want to participate in the debate, you MUST leave Skeezix, the moderator, a comment at his page http://skeezixsscratchingpost.blogspot.com/.
so he can include you!