Monday, September 10, 2007



Purrfect for America

SUBJECT: Cabinet Nominations

"Today my Democratic opposition has been busy making promises that they will make announcements about their Cabinet level appointments once they are nominated. That's a bunch of doggie do!"

Doc Holiday, the Purrfect liberally moderate conservative Republican candidate for President of the United states spoke candidly to her Press Secretary during a brief luncheon to discuss her campaign swing through the Cat-astrophically small state of New Hampshire, if she can raise the money to do so.

So far, donations have been slow to materialize. Doc Holiday has vowed, though, to push onward during her quest to decide if she wants to consider a run for the most powerful position in the world.

During today's luncheon, Doc Holiday announced that Bat Masterson would be named the new Secretary of Space for what will be the new Cabinet level Department of Space Exploration. Plans are already underway to sent Ronald Reagan Rumsfeld Reidhead "TO THE MOON" if Doc is elected POTUS.

Masterson is an avid astronomical buff and fan of NASA and space exploration as shown in this photograph.

For more information contact: Doc Holiday, Purrfect for America

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The Crew said...

Have you announced your candidacy on the Cat Blogosphere? Everyone reads that and you're sure to pick up some supporters.