Wednesday, September 05, 2007


What do I think of the debates this evening? Well, since I wasn't invited, I'll just go ahead and say exactly what I think. Ronald Reagan told us we were not to speak ill of a fellow Republican, but what the Meow - Ron Paul is a poor excuse of a Republican. I could do better than he did on a bad day when I'm trying to cough up a hair-ball!

(P. S. Ronald Rumsfeld Reagan Reidhead thinks he is hot stuff today because he found out we're related to Ronald Reagan. Mommy said it's cool because we're also related to Lucille Ball and that's where she gets her read hair - outta a bottle!)

Mitt Romney has more hair on his head than I do. He reminds me of Rumsfeld, all bouncy up and down and all that hair - pant, pant, no brain!

John McCain is cool. I like his wife. She is an animal lover. So, he gets five paws!

Mommy likes Rudy Giuliani. (Sigh) She might get mad if I beat him.

Governor Huckabee isn't bad, but I'm not sure about his pet situation. Same thing with Senator Brownback. As far as Congressman Tancredo - hiss, spit, where's Rumsfeld. Go lift your leg on his ankle!

As for Fred Thompson, well, I like Law and Order. I'm gonna miss him on it. He and I have lots in common. I'm still not sure if I'm running and I'm still not sure about him running.

So, my take on the debate this evening? If I can't be a part of it, I'm pulling for John McCain. They have cats, dogs, fish, birds, turtles, and Mrs. McCain believes in helping animals and little babies who are hurting.

Until Tomorrow
Doc Holiday

P. S. I'm Purrfect for America!

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The Crew said...

We missed the debate 'cause Mom went to bed early. I really must study that remote and find out which is the on/off button. That way I can enjoy my favorite programs in peace & quiet.